A little bit about me


It all started when...


Exploring, hiking and adventure have been a reprieve for me since my first trip to Alaska when I was very young. The very moment I stepped out of the Anchorage airport to see the entire city surrounded by mountains, immersed me in a feeling of warmth and peace. I had found where I was meant to be, the very place that still harbors my heart and speaks to my soul! Throughout the trip my family truly taught me what it is to explore. We hiked up into the mountains to view large glaciers, explored tiny tourist towns, stopped along streams viewing the salmon as they depart on their long journey home, drove down Turnagain Arm to watch the Beluga wales bobbing in the ocean… it was literally LIFE CHANGING!! From that moment on I was not only obsessed with anything and everything Alaska, but I was hooked on adventure! I had a taste of exploring and couldn't imagine life without it!

Then comes my passion for art and photography… I was absolutely born an artist, from painting, to drawing, to clay; but my heart didn't fill until I obtained my first film camera! That made me realize how everything I did in life up to that point was simply a stepping stone, preparing me for my career in photography. My art studies in color theory, shading, composition, art history… all came together when I picked up my first camera. After ten years of shooting families, weddings, seniors, babies and wildlife I have finally found where my heart truly lies… my niche… love and adventure fine art wedding photography! Blending my two favorite things in life, adventure and wedding photography, to create an incredible experience for you that goes beyond standard portraiture, providing a service thats truly unique and genuinely represents who you are as a couple!!

I live for telling couples love stories through unique imagery, while experiencing life through adventure. I love to get outside, feel the sun on my face, lace up my hiking boots and explore, camera in hand, to wherever my feet bring me!

Serving the greater St. Croix Valley in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Also available to travel worldwide!