Wisconsin Hiking Elopement • Adventure Elopement Photographer

Amanda & Emily were headed to Minnesota to celebrate their newlywed status with their family this summer. They reached out for a quick photo session in their dresses along the bluffs of the St. Croix River. We decided on the Wisconsin side of the park, which is so much prettier during sunset in the summer. As the sun dips below the Taylors Falls ridge line, the lighting on Wisconsin side becomes so dramatic & dreamy, which is perfect for those truly intimate photos!

We met at a popular trailhead in the park and started hiking in, taking a couple detours to some lesser know parts of the area along the way. As sunset neared, I swear these two got cuddlier and loved on each other even harder… it was so dang amazing to be apart of! I mean, what better way to celebrate your union then hiking around a beautiful place with the love of your life? I cannot imagine anything better than eloping somewhere incredible to really celebrate this new adventure together!

Cassandra OldenburgComment