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We did some serious hiking in Colorado this summer.

Most notably was the strenuous Sky Pond trail. The last quarter of a mile scramble up the Timberline Falls to the alpine lake, is where I really pushed myself & my limits, making it one of my favorites! Below are some of the highlights from our time in the Glacier Gorge!

RIP Mike’s GoPro

Also worth noting, is how sometimes things happen when you lease expect it… like this image above for instance is the last time we saw Mike’s GoPro. It’s a pretty funny story actually, about a girl (me) who was a little focused on the shot & maybe a bit overly trusting when she set the GoPro on a rock next to the trail with her trekking pole. Not even thinking for a second how that could be a bad idea. Well the “quick photos” below of Mike & I looking at the mountains on top of a big boulder, would be the end of the GoPro.

I mean hey, at least they left my trekking pole… so that’s cool!! Haha, oh well, all we really lost was us running down the sand dunes the day before and me falling anyway, hahah! ;)

Spending the night with a herd of Elk

Okay, as someone who grew up camping every weekend in little midwest Wisconsin…. I can honestly say, you haven’t “really” been camping until you’ve slept with a herd of Elk around you in the Rockies! This was by far my favorite experience camping!

We got to camp just as the sky opened up for a torrential rain down, which was actually kinda fun to be honest. Setting up the tent was a little tricky, but eh, it’s an experience, right!!? As the rain cleared, a herd of Elk wandered through a few of the campsites along with a Moose and her young!!! Such an incredible experience!! Look closely at the young moose back legs, you can see it was partially an albino moose, which was pretty neat!!