Epic Desert Elopement Wedding • Arizona Adventure Elopement Photography

Eloping in a Slot Canyon!

Jodi & Zach are two of the sweetest humans I have ever met! They are also a super talented husband & wife team of adventure wedding photographers based out of Colorado (make sure to check out their photography here!) Having just eloped in Scotland, these newlyweds were so dang magnetic! They were having so much fun embracing every little moment together! Having been their first time in the Southwest, what better way to celebrate your marriage, then running around the high desert, through a sandstone slot canyon in your wedding attire?!! I often dreamt about hiking through these red, sculpted rocks in Northern Arizona, so to have finally been able to do so with these two adventurous souls, makes the experience even more amazing!

We wandered through the iconic desert slot canyons of Page, Arizona! It was one hell of an adventure slipping through the narrow corridors, climbing up and down the ladders and running around in the open spaces!

Want to elope somewhere super rad, go on a REAL adventure & really soak up the whole experience of devoting yourself to your person? Say the word, we are packed and ready to help plan the perfect adventure elopement with you!

The adventure elopement style team:

Florals: Sarah Siegel with @theflowermethod
Hand-painted leather Jacket with Fringe: @ellen_walker_design
Slot Canyon is located in Page, Arizona on Navajo Land and requires a permit. Want to elope there or do an adventure session, just reach out and I can help!