Our Glacier National Park Adventure Day 1

"Glacier National Park in freaking Montana... what?!? I'm actually here?!!!" After the countless hours on the road to this wild west mountain town, I remember waking up in the tent in awe.. feeling as tho I had to be dreaming or something. How could I actually be here, I've only ever dreamed of exploring Montana's vast wilderness, now I actually get to!?!

So yeah, once I woke up a little & had my morning java, the reality started to set in, so it was time to lace up my Salomon's & hit the trails! With the Going-to-the-Sun Road still closed for the season, we asked some locals at our campsite where the next best day hike was, so off to Many Glacier we went!! We got boots on the ground & started our gains up to Grinnell Glacier, which followed around Swiftcurrent Lake, past Lake Josephine to Lower Grinnell Lake & finally Upper Grinnell Lake which was directly fed by the glacier! Lower Grinnell Lake is the beautiful mint colored glacial lake in the photos below!!! Well, about 4-ish miles up we were stopped by a very disappointing sign that put an end of our little glacier trek. Apparently, June in Glacier National Park's higher elevation is still spring like conditions & a very unstable melting avalanche was blocking our way up the mountain for the last leg of the hike. A little bummed, we decided to make the best of the views.. cuz.. well... MOUNTAINS!!! So we just relaxed on the rocks, enjoying some granola bars, listening to the Marmots chirping as little chipmunks wandered about! Yes, it was as perfect as it sounds! ;)

The NEED to photograph a wild, adventurous couple in that exact spot overlooking the lake was real... I mean, how much better does it really get?... Super huge snowy spotted mountains, an insanely bright glacial lake & a crazy in love couple!!?? This is what I live for!! You guys, as these thoughts were bouncing around in my head... THE cutest couple walked past us with their hiking packs on being all cute and adventurey...so...yeah I might have stalked them a little bit to ask them if I could take their photo, haha! It went something along the lines of, "hey, I'm Cassandra, I think you two are super cute, I'd love if I could take a few photos of you guys in front of all this epic-ness? I PROMISE I'm a professional!" LOL, luckily they were totally game & rocked our little impromptu mountain session! Click over to see all the goodness on this post!

After we got back we decided to grab a quick bite at the secluded hotel near the trailhead. Walking the halls of the Historic Many Glacier Hotel was like stepping back in time. The Hotel was built from local timber in July of 1915 with a Swiss Chalet style. The high ceiling lobby with long staggered lighting & grand fire place, really kept with the style & feel of that era!

Oh yeah, did I mention they do weddings here... I mean who doesn't want to wake up the day of their wedding to these insane alpine views!! I scouted SO many great elopement & ceremony spots within a 5 minute walk from the Hotel... and if your really up for doing some hiking on your wedding day, a fairly easy hike up to Grinnell Lake or even all the way up to the glacier will pay off with some mind blowing views, especially for a private vow reading & some epic adventure photos.. just sayin'!!  

So please someone elope here so we can create some badass imagery to fill your adventurous hearts!!!