Tips For Planning Your Engagement Photos

Engagement photography on a cliff at Devils Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI at sunset


So you’re ENGAGED!!! Woohoo!!! Now we get to go on our first adventure together to celebrate and get some rad photos in the process!!

I have put together a quick list of things to consider when planning your engagement photos! - Things that will make the whole process easier and hopefully give you some inspiration as well!!

Top five things to consider when planning your engagement session details are:


    1. What inspires you?

    2. What’s the weather like?

    3. Is there a specific style you want to wear?

4. Where does your adventure take place?

 5. Are you bringing pets?

Engagement photography on the North Shore of Minnesota at Gooseberry Falls State Park.

Plan To Make A Day Of It!
(or maybe even a weekend!)

WHY?!- Because you deserve it!!! Your freaking ENGAGED!!! Why the hell not find any excuse to celebrate that!? So, clear your schedule! Do drinks or coffee before your shoot to really get in tune with each other. Then plan a dinner, picnic or even a delicious campfire meal for after your shoot! - TRUST me, your going to be HUNGRY as hell after all that adventuring and loving on each other stuff!

Want to plan something truly epic? - Then make a weekend of it! Let’s fly out to Colorado for a couple days, hike in the mountains for some killer photos of you two. Then take the rest of the time to yourselves- relaxing, adventuring, doing whatever the heck you want, cuz why they hell not?!

Wisconsin engagement photos hiking in the rain at Interstate Park.

Consider The Weather

Every season has a different impact to the story. It can add to the overall mood of the images. Really consider when you want your story to be told. Try to imagine how it will feel. What will you be wearing? Do you want to wear a dress and wander around the woods or sport your favorite puffy on a mountaintop?

What do you both love to do together?- Hike? Snowmobile? Kayak? -How does the weather impact those activities? Do you want to incorporate any of your hobbies into your photos?


Make It An Adventure

What do you both absolutely LOVE to do together? Is it traveling, hiking, exploring waterfalls, riding motorcycle, camping?

DO THAT! - It’s WAY more fun to plan an activity you both enjoy for your engagement photo adventure! Something that will allow you both to relax, be present and feel more connected. It makes it feel a lot more like a date versus a photoshoot!

For example- if you absolutely LOVE camping, let’s hike into a backwoods campsite, setup your tent, start a fire and roast some marshmallows, drink some beers, or bring your guitar and play some tunes! I will document the whole experience along the way- capturing some genuine images that are a true reflection of your relationship!!!

Minnesota engagement photography | couple hiking through the north woods at Banning State Park
Engagement photo of couple roasting marshmallows by bonfire.
Montana adventure engagement session in the mountains by an alpine lake | Glacier National Park elopement photographer

Exploring Somewhere New
(or meaningful)

Do you want to travel somewhere epic for a serious adventure engagement experience? Are you the type of couple that has a free weekend so you book last minute tickets to somewhere new? Or maybe you hop in the car for a mini road trip to your favorite lake.

  • Maybe it’s where you got engaged, or your first date and you cannot imagine a more perfect spot to get your photos done.

  • OR have you have been planning a dream vacation that isn’t quite honeymoon material- why not go there for your engagement photo adventure!?

  • Feeling Spontaneous? Why not play a little adventure roulette by grabbing a map, (world, country or state- if your on a tight budget) close your eyes and randomly point to a spot!

Antelope Canyon adventure engagement photographer | Arizona elopement photography


Just remember it comes down to what you want to do. If you want to keep it simple, just the two of you in nature- do that! Or if you want to hop on a plane to the mountains then do it!! Whatever allows you to both be comfortable, have fun and reflects your relationship authentically with be perfect!

North Shore engagement photographer at Black Beach in Silver Bay.



Stuck & have no idea where to go or what to do? Just ask, we would love to assist you in the whole planning process! Want an epic mountain engagement photo session in Montana or dying to fly out to Iceland for some insane waterfall vibes... Check out our travel schedule, it’s not as far fetched as you may think and we are here to help!

Fun winter engagement photos laying in the snow | Wisconsin elopement wedding photographer