Why Iceland is Truly the Best Place to Elope! • Adventure Elopement Photographer

A couple decided to elope by a waterfall in Iceland for their wedding. Skogafoss Waterfall in Southern Iceland is the dreamiest place to get married.

Anna & Dan

Iceland Waterfall Elopement
July 7th, 2019

Why is Iceland such a great place to elope & why is everyone talking about it?!

Well let me ask you this. Do you ever dream of distant lands filled with adventure, majestic waterfalls, giant lava fields, coastal black beaches, volcanos, mountains, glaciers and tons of rich history? Well this European Island in the North Atlantic has it all, making Iceland a great place to elope! It has a wide variety of geological contrasts throughout the entire island, meaning you can literally find your own slice of perfect for your wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a very well known waterfall from your favorite series or a hidden lava tube you swear your the only two people for miles. There’s always a new hidden gem to explore and find!!

Parts of Iceland are easily recognizable from famous movies and TV shows (big Game of Thrones fan here!) But, you really cannot grasp just how unreal this place is… until you are standing there. Boots on the ground, looking up at the biggest waterfall your eyes have ever seen - feeling the power of the mist from the falls literally slapping you in the face - THAT moment is magic. For a minute, I stood there in complete awe, having an actual out of body experience - How the hell could I actually be in Iceland right now, with the most wildly in love couple, in the most insane landscape I’ve ever laid eyes on?! It’s truly surreal, even thinking back on it now and looking through these photos of them adventuring around South Iceland’s greatest waterfall in their wedding attire. I am in disbelief that people actually get to live there.

Anna and Dan are two of the most adventurous and beautiful souls I have ever met. We actually photographed their wedding two years ago at a group camp here in Wisconsin. For their honeymoon they traveled around the world in 30 days – so when they heard we were flying to Iceland around their 2 year wedding anniversary we started planning an adventurous photoshoot to celebrate, in the land of fire and ice! I am beyond stoked our travel plans lined up so all of this could happen.

It was such an incredible experience we won’t soon forget! Thank you again Anna & Dan for flying out, running into waterfalls, road tripping the ring road & drinking wine in a field with us at sunset! We are so grateful for you two and wish you many more years of epic adventures together! <3

Anna getting ready for her elopement in a camper van.
Van life wedding prep in Iceland
Groom getting ready for his wedding in a camper van in Iceland.
Couple walking to a waterfall in Iceland to elope.
Bride and groom getting ready for photos by a waterfall in Iceland.
Surrounded by moss covered lava rock and cliffs this couple has an intimate wedding in Iceland.
A couple has an intimate wedding in Iceland, just the two of them surrounded by moss covered volcanic rock and spray from the waterfall.
A bride walks barefoot to Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland during her elopement wedding.
A couple walking towards a waterfall with a rainbow in Iceland.
Couple eloped in Iceland by a waterfall.
Couple standing on a rock in front of a waterfall in iceland.
A bride and groom stand in front of a raging waterfall in Iceland. Why elope in Iceland you might ask? So you can get married somewhere like this!
A bride and groom laugh as they stand in front of an Icelandic waterfall on their wedding day.
A couple kiss in front of a raging waterfall in Iceland. Surrounding by mist, rainbows and bird rooking in the high cliffs above. This is why Iceland is truly the best place to elope!
Eloping in Iceland by a waterfall a couple stands in awe at the moss covered cliffs in Iceland.
Eloping just the two of them the couple walk hand in hand towards a giant waterfall in Iceland.
An epic waterfall in Southern Iceland with a double rainbow. A perfect place for your adventurous elopement wedding.
A bride and groom lean into each other under a large waterfall in Southern Iceland. They had an intimate wedding, just the two of them, at the base of a waterfall, surrounded by some of Iceland’s most beautiful moss covered rocks and towering cliffs.
A bride and groom kiss at the base of a waterfall. Why should you elope in Iceland? Just imagine, being surrounded by volcanic rocks, mountains, glaciers, towering cliffs, black beaches and giant waterfalls!
A couple embrace under a rainbow made by the mist of a large waterfall in Iceland’s Southern coast. What a epic place to get married.
A bride and groom walk under a double rainbow under a cliff in Iceland. This Island has literally hundreds of incredible waterfalls you could have your wedding ceremony by.
A couple embrace in the mist of a large waterfall at sunset. Could you imagine getting married here? This is why Iceland truly is one of the greatest places to elope!
A couple running into a waterfall in Iceland at sunset. Eloping really is the best way to get married, could you imagine have a fun adventure like this with your partner after your vow ceremony?
A couple kissing with the mist of Skogafoss waterfall in the background. Eloping in Iceland is perfect for adventurous couples.
A bride and groom walk, hand in hand, in the dramatic Icelandic landscape towards one of the islands largest waterfalls. Just imagine what it would be like to get married here.
A couple celebrates their elopement in front of one of Iceland’s biggest waterfalls. The dramatic landscape makes this the perfect place to elope!
A couple stands holding hands in front of a waterfall with a rainbow in the mist. Iceland's volcanic landscape makes it one of the best and most unique places to elope.
A couple gets married by a waterfall in Iceland with a small rainbow.