Adventure sessions are the perfect way to be fully immersed & present with each other, all the while, experiencing an awesome journey into some of the wildest landscapes our feet can find! Together, we will plan on outdoor adventure that truly inspires you both & allows you to be your authentically in love selves!!

After all the adventure planning comes the really fun part. We will arrive at the location, (whether it be in the mountains of Hatcher Pass in Alaska, a trailhead in Glacier National Park, or a favorite location of yours.) To start the trip we will packing our gear together to ensure we are not forgetting anything… especially trail snacks!! Then we will go through outfits & final details of the trek. Definitely plan for some hiking as we explore around to the scenic spots! Also, be prepared to brave the elements, some of my favorite sessions are when the sky is moody and the trails are totally empty! If your just a part time adventurer, don’t worry, I got you boo…. there are plenty of breathtaking mountain views, rivers, caves, glaciers, etc. just a small walk from the car, so don’t worry if your not a huge hiker you can still get some killer views & do some light adventuring for your couple session too!


Let’s mark this off your adventure list & start planning your dream couple session!!


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