My style is about capturing real moments! Nothing staged, overdone, or forced. I will guide you with ways to interact with each other organically, not overly posy or just letting you guys stand there & figure it out. I promise, your wedding photos can be a fun experience, it doesn’t have to suck or just be something you “have to do.” I hear all the time couples just wanting to run through a quick shot list & get it over with… until they are in front of my camera, smiling so big their cheeks hurt, being fully present & loving on each other so dang hard they forget I am even there. This is what wedding photography means to me… the true, untamed, raw moments between two people committing to forever!

A wedding only happens once & I will help take the pressure off so you can simply be newlyweds loving on each other as much as you can! Being totally present with everyone one your wedding day, instead of worrying about all the little details. Together, we will come up with a solid wedding day timeline to help everything run smoothly & hassle free, every detail accounted for so everyone knows where to be & when. Don’t know where to get married yet? Or have a rough idea of the type of ceremony spot you want, but aren’t 100% sure… I can absolutely help with that too! I have been photographing weddings for 13 years & know a variety of amazing locations all over the country, especially Minnesota and Wisconsin! Want even more info head over to our “info” page or reach out below!!

My approach to weddings is a bit more journalistic, by letting moments authentically unfold, I can capture real emotion. I am not a complete "fly on the wall' shooter tho, I will put you both in great light, then start you off with a prompt to get you guys moving & interacting with each other in a genuine way, versus a stiff pose which can look awkward & uncomfortable. I utilize primarily natural light & edit with a more warm, organic, film inspired look. I don’t stick to one specific shooting style, as every single couple & wedding is different. I want to properly translate your unique day into timeless images you can look back on for years & get caught up with all those memories… bringing you straight back to all those squishy, full hearted feels!! This isn’t going to be a day filled with those “perfect” looking into the camera with forced smiles moments… there’s going to be wind in your hair, your going to be laughing until you have to pee & squeezing each other so dang tight you can’t breath!

We capture all sizes of weddings from large outdoor ceremonies to small intimate weddings in the woods, plus we really love anything that bring us to the mountains! 


so reach out and tell us more about your wedding!

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