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Me touching a piece of glacial ice in Alaska when I was 7!

Me touching a piece of glacial ice in Alaska when I was 7!

Photo of me at the same glacier just 23 years later!- Not much has changed, haha!

Photo of me at the same glacier just 23 years later!- Not much has changed, haha!




We are about getting
amongst it with you!

We aren’t just showing up and going through the motions. We will adventure with you, guide you & explore the windy shorelines or high mountaintops with you for your adventure wedding or elopement! Providing an immersive experience that genuinely represents who you are as a couple!

We are about going into it with you and capturing your genuine connection through candid experiences. Our shooting style is a mix between prompting you to interact naturally with each other along with simply stepping back, giving you some room to breath and just letting it happen naturally. But don’t worry, we won't let you stand there awkwardly staring at the camera wondering what to do… we will make sure you feel relaxed and totally confident on camera!


Hey there,
I'm Cassandra!!

I’m an adventure wedding & elopement photographer in love with all things outdoors! I am obsessed with everything mountainous, hiking, adventuring & road tripping! You will frequently see me camping the night before wedding days, or roughing it in National Parks during my time off! I truly believe in adventure, whether it’s hiking to a secluded alpine lake or kayaking the boundary waters back home!

My passion for hiking & alpine life started with my first trip to Alaska when I was young. -See the images above to see a photo of me at Exit Glacier when I was 7, then again two years ago! I definitely fell in love with outdoor adventures first, photography came later. That passion really ignited when I graduated high school and started my business 14 years ago. Now I specialize in adventure weddings & elopements. Crafting unique experiences that go beyond the boring traditions & strict societal standards of how your wedding “should” be.. bringing it back to what it truly is- the day you promise yourself to your partner that’s completely focused on the two of you!

Dreaming of an epic wedding or elopement somewhere awesome? We love exploring new places! See if our travel plans lineup, so we can hang out and photograph you in super rad places!!


I'm Michael!!

I have been working with Narrowleaf for about 3 years. Traveling across the states to photograph weddings + elopements, hike, road-trip, camp and kayak along side her. On a typical shoot I’m there to help make the day go smoother & capture those banger wide shots that really show you in the landscape and give the whole story some scale.

I have been traveling & hiking since I was young. One of the most notable places was hiking on a volcano in Maui when I was 16. That really changed my whole perspective on adventure! I’ve been addicted to exploring new places ever since!

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Adventure photographer captures image of a couple in kissing under a waterfall.

Brianna & Aaiden

“I had a very specific vision in mind when planning our anniversary photoshoot. I wanted something adventurous but yet still intimate and showed my husbands and my love for each other. Cassandra definitely delivered. She captured us and our love beautifully and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! And even better than that, she made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun during our session and gained a friend.”