Adventure Weddings + Elopements + Sessions 

- Our approach to photographing weddings, elopements + adventure sessions -


We think your photo experience should be fun, genuine, and adventurous.

  • We take the time to really get to know you

  • help plan your wedding day timeline

  • & help guide you to an unforgettable experience

We are all about those true moments, real cuddles and documenting your entire wedding day experience!



We are about getting amongst it with you-

while capturing your genuine connection through candid experiences.

Wisconsin adventure elopement of couple self solemnizing in a canyon.

Adventure Elopements + Weddings


This isn’t your typical stressful, boring and staged wedding photoshoot.


If you have poked around at our images, you have seen the authentic, adventurous & playful moments we capture.

We aren’t just showing up and going through the motions. We will adventure with you, guide you & explore the windy shorelines or high mountaintops with you!

We believe in adventure, REAL experiences & capturing your love story in those same ways.

You will feel relaxed & totally confident on camera because our shooting style is about the two of you connecting deeply, not about a full day photoshoot.

This isn’t going to be a day filled with those “perfect” looking into the camera with forced smiles moments…

there’s going to be wind in your hair, your going to be laughing until your cheeks hurt & squeezing each other so dang tight you can’t breathe!

Our Wedding Photography Process

3 easy steps for planning your adventure wedding with us



Let’s chat about your wedding + elopement dreams


We will hop on the phone & really get to know you, learn what inspires you & how we can help curate your perfect wedding day experience.



Reserve your date


All we need is your wedding date and a general location (i.e. a Montana elopement, Minnesota ceremony in the woods, elopement on a glacier in Alaska, etc). -Don’t worry we will work directly with you to help find your PERFECT elopement or wedding ceremony spot.



Experience your wedding day


We will help with your wedding day timeline, epic photo locations, vendor recommendations and adventure ideas. All you need to do is remember your vows, be present and have fun.




We really believe in celebrating your wedding
in a TRUE-TO-YOU kind of way.


Together we will

  • Plan an outdoor adventure that truly inspires you both, allowing you to be your authentic selves together!!

  • Really boil back your wedding day to focus on celebrating your forever.

You will be fully immersed & present with each other, all the while, experiencing an awesome journey into some of the wildest landscapes!

Couple eloped in a slot canyon in the Arizona Desert

Why Elope?

Have you ever dreamt about getting married somewhere epic?!

Imagine this –>

You hop off the plane in a new city, grab your luggage then head to your Airbnb to settle in for the night… those, “I’m marrying my best friend tomorrow” butterflies in your stomach start fluttering about!!

You fall asleep in their arms and dream about all the incredible moments you’re about the share together. You wake up, get ready together (or maybe you surprise them with a fun first look).

After that, heading in the general direction of your ceremony spot. - You wander around this epic environment, soaking in the adventure of your wedding day, until you stumble upon the most breathtaking view, giving you both the, “THIS IS IT” vibes!! A spot that truly speaks to you. - You know this very spot, today, will be where you promise yourselves to one another in the most genuine and meaningful way. Marking the moments of your first grand adventure together as a married couple! - What an experience!

Don't Know Where to Elope?

Adventurous couple’s wedding photo in front of a cliff in Prescott, Wisconsin

Or maybe you have a rough idea, but aren’t 100% sure…

We can absolutely help find your dream elopement spot!

Having traveled to many epic locations, we literally know hundreds of great places to have your vow ceremony,

whether is an 11 mile hike into the Montana mountains or a 1/2 mile jaunt in Minnesota (yes, the midwest is pretty too, just gotta know where to look!)

We provide you with our exclusive wedding and elopement planning guides to help you pack for the trail, how to choose the perfect elopement adventure, etc.

When it’s finally the day, we will meet early, do a quick gear check, go over the final plan, then hit the trail (or head up to the ceremony spot if hiking isn’t really your thing, but you still love epic mountainous views!!)


Not getting married but still looking for an adventure to celebrate the two of you?

Couple lay on devils doorway rock face at sunset. An adventurous couple hiked up to the bluffs at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin last fall for their engagement photos.

Adventure sessions are the perfect way to be fully immersed & present with each other, all the while, experiencing an awesome journey into some of the wildest landscapes our feet can find!

Together, we will plan on outdoor adventure that truly inspires you both & allows you to be your authentically in love selves!!

After all the adventure planning comes the really fun part.

We will arrive at the location. (Whether it be in the mountains of Hatcher Pass in Alaska, a trailhead in Glacier National Park, or a favorite location of yours.)

Pack our gear together to ensure we are not forgetting anything… especially trail snacks!!

Then it’s final logistics. We will go through outfits, check the weather & do final preps for the trek.

Definitely plan for some hiking as we explore around to the scenic spots! Also, be prepared to brave the elements, some of my favorite sessions are when the sky is moody and the trails are totally empty!


If your just a part time adventurer,
don’t worry, I got you boo….

There are plenty of breathtaking mountain views, rivers, caves, glaciers, etc. just a small walk from the car!

So don’t worry if your not a huge hiker you can still get some killer views & do some light adventuring for your couple session too!


Re-invent the way you start your lives together! Stress free & all about that love stuff!